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End User License Agreement

Important note: Kindly give this end-user license agreement a careful read. It is essential to know that you are buying Aqua App software, and your registration is done as an end user for the purposes of granting this Aqua App End User License. You will have no license to use Aqua App software if you are not registered as an end user. Also, a limited warranty in this end-user license agreement will not be applied without registration. 

When you download Aqua App software from this website, you agree to the below terms and conditions. If you deny these terms and conditions, don't download this software. The terms of the end user license agreement relating to a specific software file upon installing or downloading the software will replace the terms set forth below. It is a legal agreement between the end user, you, and Aqua App, the program (Aqua App) developer, concerning Aqua App products (Software) usage. 

Software Product License

1. Grant of license

This end-user license agreement provides you the rights as follows regarding the SOFTWARE PRODUCT: Aqua App provides you with a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license for installing and operating the Software. 

An INDIVIDUAL license can be utilized on a single computer for non-commercial and personal use. It is not possible for you to make the Software accessible on a network or otherwise grant Software access to different users until you have bought at least one MULTI_USER or BUSINESS license from Aqua App.

2. Copyright

All copyrights and titles in and to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT (including photographs, images, video, music, audio, text, and animations contained in a SOFTWARE PRODUCT), any copies of SOFTWARE PRODUCT, and the consequent printed materials are in possession of Aqua App or the suppliers of Aqua App. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is the responsibility of international treaty provisions and copyright laws. So, you should deal with this SOFTWARE PRODUCT like other copyrighted materials. 

3. Restrictions

  • Aqua App guarantees the rights of film and artist organizations, and the correct usage of SOFTWARE PRODUCT doesn't breach those rights. You are not permitted to copy DVDs to give or sell or for commercialization.
  • Aqua App does not encourage copying the rented DVDs. Making multiple copies of DVDs for purposes other than personal use is unlawful. Aqua App ensures the rights of film and artist companies and wants the same from you.   
  • SOFTWARE usage will lead to the creation of backup copies of DVDs. The copy will be DVS's archival backup copy, made for the personal and private use of the DVD (from which it was created) owner. Federal copyright laws prevent the illegal exhibition, distribution, and reproduction of copyrighted materials in the archival backup copy. It is strictly prohibited to distribute, reproduce, resale, or commercially exploit the archival backup copy. We were hoping you could honor the copyright holders' rights.
  • 4. Explanation of other rights and limitations

  • Limitations on disassembly, reverse engineering, and decompilation:
  • You may not disassemble, reverse engineer, or decompile the portions of the object code of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT except to the extent that this activity is explicitly allowed by the relevant law despite this limitation. 

  • Cover CD
  • Permission is granted to reproduce and distribute the Aqua App software (evaluation copy only) in multiple cover CDs published by the respective magazines. However, a copy of the magazine and the CD must be delivered to Aqua App.


    The license will be helpful unless it's terminated. You can terminate the license any time you want by destroying the software along with all its copies. This license will also be terminated if you disagree with any terms and conditions of the EULA. On such termination, you have to destroy the Software along with its copies.

    No limitations and warranty of liability

    Documentation and information on this website are given “as is” without any warranty, implied or expressed, including limited warranties of noninfringement, fitness for a specific purpose, and merchantability. Aqua App makes efforts to include updated and accurate information on this site. However, it makes no warranty or representation regarding its completeness and accuracy. Aqua App can occasionally add, improve, change, or upgrade the documents and information on this website without any notice. Aqua App does not accept any errors or omissions in our website content. You can use this website for your own responsibility. Under no legal theory and by no means will Aqua App or other parties involved in producing, creating, or delivering the content of this website be responsible to you or any other individual for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or profound damages resulting from your use of, or access to this Website. 


    1. Aqua App doesn't let you use our SOFTWARE PRODUCT in violation of local law. If you use SOFTWARE PRODUCT to engage in illegal activity, it will be at your own risk. If you disagree with this item, kindly never install, or use this SOFTWARE PRODUCT. 

    2. The last interpretation is our choice. If you have any queries regarding End User License Agreement or want to communicate for any reason, please send us an email. 

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