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Refund Policy

Aqua App respects the right of all clients and is dedicated to providing the best experience each time that they use the products and services of Aqua App. Most of the programs offered by Aqua App are offered on a free trial basis, which means that clients get to test out the products before they purchase them.

In general terms, the output media of the trial editions should have certain limits of usage or watermarks. Each one of these options enables consumers to make informed decisions during purchase thereby preventing them from buying useless products.

Aqua App's free trial system made the company decide to offer a month's money refund policy for a majority of their programs. The money will be refunded only when certain requirements are met. If any purchased product is not covered by the refund policy, people will not get their money back.

Occasions for Eligible Refund

Aqua App can honor money refunds for the following conditions that are categorized under the terms of the money-back policy:

1.1 Non-technical Cases

1.1.1. The purchase of the RBS (Registration Backup service), Download insurance service, or EDS (Extended Download Service) outside of the purview of buying the program without knowing that it can be wiped off. In this case, the company will solicit a refund on behalf of the client, from the payment platform.

1.1.2. Switching out programs means that you will need to purchase a suitable product (if you do not provide it at first), while the original cost of the product will be given back to the user.

1.1.3. Buying similar products twice or buying two products whose characteristics are equal. In this case, Aqua App gets to refund the money for a single product or get to replace one out of the program with a different item.

1.1.4. If the product's user does not get the registration code sent to their email boxes in about 24 hours after they buy the product or do not get the code from the customer support of Aqua App. I the same way, when the user fails to get an immediate reply from Aqua App's customer support team after contacting, the client will get their money back from Aqua App.

1.1.5. If due to a technical issue, the client decided to replace the software of another company to finish up their projects. When this is the case, the client will get a total refund or change the product with some other product.

1.2 Technical Issues

The software program which the user buys comes with serious technical faults and the company fails to solve this problem in about a month. If this is the case, the client will get their full money back if they are unable to wait for the problem to be resolved.

As soon as the client their a full refund, the license of the product will expire. You will have to go to your device to uninstall or erase the program.

The client will get back their refunds from Aqua App straight to their PayPal account, bank account, credit cards, or any payment system that was used to buy the product. Based on the bank status of the client, the money returned could be completed within three working days.
Users can only get refunds credited to their accounts either from Spanish or Mexican banks. Aqua App is unable to provide any global bank transfers since users are limited to banking options of only Spain and Mexico.

As soon as the client can confirm that they have received the funds, they get to select an account from a different country. Yet, they can send back the refunds to their Mexican or Spanish accounts. This is the reason users have to use acceptable funding options like DineroMail, PayPal, or credit card.

Occasions of No-refund Policies

Aqua App usually will not issue product returns or refunds in one of the following conditions:

2.1 Non Technical Cases

2.1.1 Failure to check the product details before purchasing the products whereby the user could become disappointed with the product. It is highly recommended that all users carefully go over the details of the product and use the free trial versions before proceeding to purchase the product.

Aqua App will not honor a request for refunds in situations arising from the failure of the user to understand by reading the product's characteristics. But, Aqua App, will return the product that was bought for an equal value, only when the difference in prices is not lower than $20 and still has a valid warranty. In the case that the product purchased is switched out for a different product with lower costs, then Aqua App will not be held responsible for the differences in the price.

2.1.2 A client lodges a complaint or dispute about stolen payment details or other illegal transactions. For this reason, Aqua App always tells all clients to inform their credit card providers ahead of time to let them know of suspicious fraudulent, or illegal transactions. Because Aqua App works in partnership with external parties for transaction processing, it is impossible to obtain permission for all transactions. As soon as the system collects and executes the transaction, this is not possible to be reversed. But, Aqua App could offer a different product as a replacement for the customer.

2.1.3. A refund issue that states the failure of the user to get the registration code in about 2 hours after an order is placed. Usually, as soon as your order is approved by the system, the buyer will get a registration code sent to their emails in about 1 to 2 hours.
In certain cases, however, the delivery of the message could be postponed at a later time due to glitches in the system and such issues as specific user email spam preference settings, typos, and so on. If this is the case with certain clients, they can then navigate to the Support Center of the Aqua App to get back their registration codes. All queries of the user shall be answered in about 24 hours.

2.1.4. A case where the user buys the wrong product accidentally after they have purchased the right option from a different company first.

2.1.5. We have differences in price from various locations or differences in price between other product brands and Aqua App.

2.1.6. An inquiry for a refund for some aspects of the bought product. Aqua App is in partnership with a third-party transaction platform that does not bear the responsibility for any part reimbursement from just one purchase. But, Aqua App could send back a refund of the whole pack soon as the client buys the right product within the valid time of the money-back warranty.

2.2 Technical Cases

2.2.1 An inquiry for a refund due to technical issues, whereby the client does not accept any cooperation from the customer service of Aqua App and will never share any thorough information and details based on their issues. This clause also covers specific cases whereby the user does not accept any of the suggested resolutions provided by the customer support team from Aqua App.

2.2.2. An inquiry for refunds based on technical issues, as soon as there is an upgrade in the program or when the product order passes the warranty time.

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