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FAQs of Wind Cut

Trafalgar Rainford. September 25, 2023

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How to edit video with Wind Cut?

Wind Cut offers a comprehensive user guide to help you edit your video, audio, and image files effectively. Follow the link and learn how to edit videos like a pro:

How can I register Wind Cut?

Follow these three simple steps to install and register Wind Cut on your computer and upgrade your account to VIP.

Step 1: Install Wind Cut

The first step is downloading and installing Wind Cut on your computer. After downloading the tool, run the installer and follow the prompts to complete the installation process. Once the installation is complete, launch the tool to access its main interface.

Step 2: Register

To register for Wind Cut, click on the "Account" icon located in the upper right corner of the tool's main interface. A floating window with options to register using your email, Facebook, or Twitter account will appear. Choose your preferred option and follow the prompts to complete the registration process. You will be asked to input your email and password to complete the registration.

Can I upgrade to the newest version of Wind Cut for free?

You can update Wind Cut to the latest version for free. To check for updates, click the "Menu" icon and select the "Check for updates" option. The system will automatically update Wind Cut to the newest version available. Once done, Wind Cut will be automatically updated to the latest version by the system.

How can I activate VIP Account on Wind Cut?

Follow these easy steps to activate your VIP account on Wind Cut:

Step 1: Activate VIP

Open your computer's Wind Cut tool to access its main interface. In the upper right corner of the interface, click on the "Account" icon. This will open a new window. Within the new window, click on the "Activate VIP" button on the screen's right side to begin the registration process.

activate vip

Step 2: Input Activation Code

A new pop-up window will appear. Go to your email and copy the activation code the support team sent. Then, paste the code into the input field within the pop-up window. After pasting the code, click the "OK" button to activate your VIP account on Wind Cut.

input activation code

How Can I add or change video effects in Wind Cut?

To change or add the video effects in Wind Cut, follow these two simple steps:

Step 1: Add Video Clips

Start by importing the video files you wish to edit into Wind Cut. Click on the "Media" tab and select the videos you want to edit, then click the "+" icon to add them to the editing panel. From there, you can access various video effects such as Filters, Overlays, and Elements.

add video

Step 2: Apply Effects

Once you have accessed the video effects, select the ones you want to use and add them to the editing panel by clicking the "+" icon. If you wish to remove or change any effects, simply click the "Trash" icon and replace them with new effects. Once you have applied all the desired effects, click "Export" to save the edited video.

7 tabs

How can I play a video backward in Wind Cut?

To reverse your desired video files in Wind Cut, import them into the editor. Once you have selected the videos you want to reverse from the Media tab, click "Edit" in the upper-left corner of the tool. Select the "Reverse" option in the pop-up window to play the video in reverse. Click "OK" to apply and save the changes.

reverse video

How can I change video speed in Wind Cut?

Once you've imported the video files you want to modify in Wind Cut, choose the video clip you want to change the speed of. Then, in the top left corner of the tool, click on "Edit" and choose the "Edit" option. Adjust the video speed by moving the slider in the "Speed" tab. Finally, click the "OK" button to save the changes.

adjust video speed
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