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How to Use Aqua Demo

Are you in search of recording software that offers professional appeal? Well, if so then Aqua Demo is what you are looking for. You can record videos from literally anywhere you desire with high quality. Read through this post to know more about this recording software and start your professional recording with ease and superior quality.

Software Registration

Without registration, you can record a video of up to 3 minutes only. If you wish to record video clips for more than 3 minutes duration then you need to register yourself on this software.

A pop-up message appears every time you start the software to remind you to register yourself. To register you can click on "Register" at the lower right side of the main interface. Alternatively, you can click on the key symbol at the top side of the interface to reach the register option.

After you click on the "Register" option, a pop-up window will appear asking for your email address and registration code. You need first to type in your email address to receive the registration code in your email within a few seconds.

Email Address: Remember to add the email address that you type in a while purchasing the software

Registration Code: You will have to copy the registration code that you received in your email and then paste it on the registration code bar to register yourself.

How to Record Screen to Video

Step 1Download and Install Aqua Demo

Start by downloading and then installing the Aqua Demo software which is absolutely free. Run the software and type in your email address and registration code you received in order to register yourself.

Step 2Get access to Video Recorder

Open "Video Recorder" tab to get access to video recorder features whereby you can enjoy footage from any video or audio file.

Step 3Choose the Recording Mode

It's up to you to record video in full screen or fixed screen in dimensions of 1024*768, 1920*1080, 1280*720, 854*480, or 640*480. To choose a fixed area, you need to choose the "Customize" button followed by "Select window/region". You also have to choose scr in "system sound selection". If you wish to do a voice-over on your videos such as video tutorials, demos, meetings, webinars, online games, etc, then you can choose the microphone button to connect video with your voice.

Step 4Select the audio input

Choose your preferred audio source between "Microphone" and "System Sound".

Step 5Add Annotation (Optional)

For any captured video, you can easily do video editing, and add line, text label, arrows etc.

Step 6Record computer screen and save

Click on "REC" option to initiate recording the content on screen of your computer and click "Stop" option once you are finished to see the preview version of recorded clip. You can click on "Save" to save recordings on your computer.

You can view, edit and even delete recorded videos through "Recording History" button at bottom side.

How to Capture Audio

Step 1Get access to Audio Recorder

After launching Aqua Demo, click on "Audio Recorder" button.

Step 2Click on Sound Input

You can choose between system sound and microphone. It is advised to enable only microphone when you want to record only your voice, and enable system sound when you want audio from system only. If you need both of these to function simultaneously, you can enable both and record the audio.

Step 3Keep the recording as saved file

When you have finished recording, move your cursor to the stop button. You will be see a preview of recording where you will find the save option to keep the file.

How to Capture Screenshot of PC Display

Step 1Choose Screen Capture

After launching the software, click on the option of Screen Capture.

Step 2Choose Screen Area

It up to you to capture full screen or a particular portion. It also allows you to inert text, circle, line, arrow, color or paint to captured shot.

Step 3Save captured screenshot

When you are satisfied with editing, then choose the save sign to save the screenshot.

Guide for Recording via Task Schedule

Step 1Choose Task Schedule

After launching the Aqua Demo, choose the Task Schedule option that is at bottom side of main screen of program.

Step 2Set a New Task

Click on big-sized plus sign to add a new task, write a name and choose OK to move forward.

Step 3Save Scheduled Recording

Set the recording length, start and end time and then click on OK to save your new schedule.

Ways to Adjust the Preferences for Recording

1. Recording

You can choose various recording related options to adjust the settings such as "Show recording boundary", "Hide main interface when you take screenshot", etc.

2. Mouse

These settings help to change mouse related settings such as flexibility adjustment, click modification and presence of cursor while recording.

3. Hotkeys

You can create your own combination for keys as hotkeys for screenshot, start or stop recording, show or hide the float panel, resume or pause recording, open or close the web-camera.

4. Output

Through these settings you can choose the path location (output folder) to save your recordings, temporary files, or the screenshots along with selecting the quality for audios and videos etc.

5. Others

This option allows you to adjust settings such as hardware acceleration, enable updates automatically etc.

FAQS about Aqua Demo

To answer further queries about functioning of this software, check out its FAQ info at

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