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How to Use AcePDF

AcePDF is an inclusive PDF reader, converter, organizer and editor to deal with all your problems. Using this AcePDF, you can easily edit PDF text, view PDF, create PDF, protect PDF, sign PDF, edit PDF images, annotate PDF, convert PDF to Excel/Word/TXT/PPT/Image, and much more. 

Activation of the Program

Download this program and start installing it according to the instruction wizard for complete installation. After completing it, you can go and check its shortcut on the desktop; double-click this shortcut to launch it. Trial users can review the software and take advantage of all the functions mentioned in later sections but note that you will see a watermark on your file. 

If you get a licensed key, kindly send it to "Activate"; the Activate window will appear as shown below. You can copy the keycode by pressing "Ctrl" and "C" and then paste it to the given field by "Ctrl" and "V". Now, hit "OK" to unlock it. 

Open PDF

The PDF document can be opened in several ways. It's your choice to select any way to add PDF to the program.

  • From the main interface, hit the Open PDF button and select the PDF you would like to convert or edit.
  • Hit File > Open to choose the target PDF, and then click Open for loading it. 
  • For adding PDF, directly drag a PDF file into the blank space to import or press the "+" icon.
  • Right-click on the target PDF file and choose the option of Open it with AcePDF.
  • If you have set AcePDF as a default PDF viewer on your desktop, you can directly open PDF with AcePDF by double-clicking it.
  • Click the Recent Documents to find all the recently opened files and choose any one to open from there. This method is easy if you haven't finished editing later.

View PDF

Usually, two read modes are available for displaying and viewing PDF before it's edited. 

Single Page View: This mode will display only one page at one time in the document pane.

Two Page View: This read mode will display two pages simultaneously in the document pane.

In addition, you can easily zoom in or zoom out to fit the PDF to the entire document page, resize the PDF to fit according to window width/height, and resize the page to fit completely in the document pane. Rotate the PDF 90 degrees clockwise each time until your PDF displays appropriately.

Edit PDF

AcePDF will allow you to edit PDF content just as you do in Word documents. After opening PDF, click Edit > Edit All to access PDF editing mode.

Edit PDF Text

Under the editing mode of AcePDF, you can freely change the original text. You can easily add text in the blank spaces; for this, you have to click Add Text, and then a textbox will be displayed for you to add text. You can modify the font, color of the text, and font size. Meanwhile, you can make the text italic, underlined, and bold. 

Edit PDF Image

The images in the PDF document will be framed. You can cut, delete, copy and paste the image as your choice. It also includes advanced editing functions like rotating, flipping, and crop images.

You can add images by selecting Edit > Add Image. You can search for images on your desktop to add that to your PDF file. 

Edit PDF Header & Footer

AcePDF allows you to add a header and footer to your PDF pages. For this, you have to click Edit Tool > Pages > Header & Footer. This PDF tool also lets you add a Date and Page Number with this function. It includes appearance and font options. Finally, your settings can be previewed in the dialogue box.

Edit and Organize PDF Pages

Under the Pages tab, you can easily manage PDF pages. 

Insert: Look for a PDF file from your desktop, then specify the location and place for the inserted PDF or insert a blank page in the PDF file. 

Rotate: You can customize the rotation direction and define the page range you want to rotate.

Delete: Define the page range you wish to delete to exclude unnecessary pages. 

Replace: Define the page range of the existing PDF document. Hit "Browse" to choose the replacement PDF, and define the page range of the replacement PDF.

Extract: Define the page range you wish to extract. After the extraction, there are two options: the extracted pages will be formed as a new PDF, or the extracted pages will be directly deleted. 

Split: Enter the maximum file size or the maximum number of pages in the dialogue box to split the PDF document as per the number you enter. Or you can also split it by high-level bookmarks.

Merge: To combine all the multiple PDF files into one.

Annotate PDF

Under the Comment section, you can ass underline, highlight, callout, strikethrough, stamp, as well as replace, notes and caret to the content. 

The drawing tool allows you to draw different shapes to mark texts. The shapes include Lines, rectangles, Oval, Arrows, Pencils, Connected Lines, and polygon. The eraser tool is also given for erasing the pencil marks.

Other Functions

1 Convert PDF

AcePDF is a good PDF converter for converting PDF to Excel, Word, TXT, PPT, PNG, JPEG, and HTML. Select the output format that corresponds to PDF to Office and hit Convert from the pop-up window that appeared on your screens to convert the PDF format to your preferred format.

2 Compress PDF

Go to Tools > Compress PDF to load the PDF file and then immediately compress it into a small size.


AcePDF is tooled with advanced OCR technology that lets you convert scanned content into editable PDFs or obtain text from images on PDF documents. Today's AcePDF supports text recognition in over 20 languages. 

4Add Watermark to PDF

You can add a new image or text watermark or can also remove the watermark from the PDF document. Appearance settings include Opacity and Rotation Degree. You also choose to customize the watermark position. Go to Page Range options to enter the page range on which the watermark will be applied. 

5Change PDF Background

In AcePDF, you have the option to add a background from an image or colour, and you can also have the option to remove the background. Appearance settings include Opacity and Rotation degrees. Also, you are allowed to customize the background-position. Go to the Page Range options to set the page range to which the background will be applied.

Create Fillable Form

AcePDF lets you generate personalized forms to make your PDF file more illustrative. You can easily add text forms and buttons from the Form tab, such as Radio Button, Check Box, Push Button, List Box, Combo Box, and more, for creating a responsive PDF form.  

Sign PDF

AcePDF has an option for adding handwritten and digital signatures to the PDF document.

Protect PDF

Go to Protect > Set Password. Two types of passwords are used for protecting PDFs. When you set Open Password, everyone wanting to open the PDF document must enter the password you specify. And when you set the Permission Password, everyone who wishes to modify the restrictions should enter the Permission Password. 

Print PDF

After completing all the editing tasks, you can print the final version of the PDF file. For this, go to File > Print; kindly ensure that your printer is connected correctly, and enter the page size, copies, and the page range to print.

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