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Trafalgar Rainford. September 25, 2023

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How to edit and convert PDF with AcePDF?

You can find the detailed step by step user guide at:

How to register the program?

After you have purchased the software, the Activate button will become available in the main menu's top panel. Enter the registration keycode you got into the Activate box, and then click OK.

activate acepdf

You can get a license from the shop if you don't already have one: Purchase AcePDF

How to remove some pages from PDF?

Open a PDF file and choose the Pages tab. From the tab, choose "Delete" and begin deleting unwanted pages from the PDF by entering the page number you want to delete and clicking "Delete."

delete pdf pages

How to edit PDF images?

Select "Edit" from the toolbar, and then click "Edit All" to enter the editing mode needed to insert photos into your PDF. The next step is to click the "Add Image", after which you'll be able to choose and modify the image you want to use.

add image

Right-click the image and you will be able to delete, rotate, crop, replace, or flip it alongside many other options.

edit image

Is it secure to edit PDF?

Absolutely, AcePDF is 100% safe. Your data is safe from malicious software because of the advanced level of electrical and physical protection. When you use it, you won't see any sketchy advertisements. AcePDF keeps your data and documents confidential and secure.

Will the program damage my PDF document?

AcePDF is absolutely secure. This software is designed to keep PDF files uncorrupted under all circumstances. As long as the file was downloaded properly, you need not worry.

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