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Universal PDF Solution to Suit All Your Needs

Edit PDF Just Like in Word

Import your PDF file and you're ready to edit it just like in the Word processor - reflow of text across various paragraphs, columns, and pages. Freely edit the text, images, links, layouts, fonts, sticky notes, highlights, drawings and other elements according to your needs. You can also insert links and incorporate watermarks to your document.

Convert to and from PDF Easily

Easily convert PDF documents to various formats such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PNG, JPG, and more, and vice versa. You can also convert multiple files at once in a batch to save time. Rest assured that your PDF files will be converted with high quality and without any changes to the formatting.

Recognize Text in PDF

The OCR feature enables you to extract data from any paper document that has been scanned, such as invoices, contracts, purchase orders, and data tables to editable and searchable PDF or Microsoft Office formats with selectable, editable, and searchable content. Multiple OCR languages are supported.

Annotate PDF as You Like

Adding annotations to PDFs has long been a popular way to make notes, highlight key sections, and add other descriptive information. This tool can be beneficial for people who work with PDF files regularly. It allows them to quickly and easily add annotations and comments to edit PDF files.

Organize PDF Pages Freely

This PDF editing software offers a comprehensive suite of tools for you to efficiently manage PDF files. You can not only merge multiple pages into one & split a PDF into multiple files. but also rearrange the pages of a PDF document to your desired order, remove any unwanted pages, extract only needed pages, rotate pages, insert new pages, etc.

Create Fillable PDF Form

Try out various interactive form controls for effortless completion or creation of PDF forms. Save time by importing and exporting data to fill multiple PDF forms with just one click. Utilize different interactive form controls to simplify the process of filling or crafting PDF forms. Export and import data to easily fill out multiple PDF forms with a single click.

Sign PDF with Digital Signature

You can add electronic signature on your PDF documents, invoices, and contracts. Furthermore, you have the option to sign PDFs using your digital ID, which includes information such as location, date, time, and additional details.

Read PDF with Ease

This PDF editor offers beneficial reading functions like split and scrolling view modes that can enhance your reading experience. You can also adjust the page size and layout to improve the readability of the document.

Protect PDF with Password

You can add an open password and permission password to your PDF document to protect your information from being accessed, copied, edited, signed, extracted, or printed without authorization.

More Features

Check below some other powerful PDF editing features provided by AcePDF editor & converter.

Compress PDF

Effortlessly reduce the size of your PDF files while maintaining their original quality in no time.

Add Watermark

Add watermarks to your PDF pages, and freely customize its rotation, opacity, size, location, etc.

Change Background

Set any desired image or color as PDF background, or effortlessly remove the background from your PDF.

Search & Replace

You can easily search for and replace specific text in your PDF document without delay.

Bates Numbering

Insert bates numbers into multiple PDFs for simple identification and retrieval purposes.

Intuitive Interface

The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to get started without any experience needed.

How to Edit PDF File Smoothly

1. Open PDF File

Launch AcePDF on your computer. Go to the tool's home screen. Lastly, Press the "Open PDF" button to import the existing file.

2. Edit PDF Document

Choose "Edit" from the menu tab. Hit the "Edit All" option to select the part of the text you want to edit.

3. Save the Edited File to a PDF

Highlight the text you need to edit and choose from the provided tool. Lastly, click the "File" tab and "Save."

System Requirements

Operating System

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 (32-bit and 64-bit)


1GHz Intel processor or more


1GB RAM for smooth running

Free Hard Drive Space

150 MB or higher

Supported Input Formats

PDF, Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Image (JPG, PNG, JPEG)

Supported Output Formats

Word, PPT, Excel, HTML, TXT, JPG, and PNG

Enrich Your Digital Life Right Away

Convert, edit and do more from photos, images and PDFs with Aqua apps.

In today's digital age, the need for efficient document management is more important than ever. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply someone who deals with a lot of paperwork, having a reliable PDF editor can streamline your tasks and improve your productivity. With numerous options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best PDF editor that suits your specific requirements.

AcePDF is a cost-effective PDF editor that offers a wide range of features at an affordable price. It provides a user-friendly interface with an extensive set of tools for editing, converting, and securing PDF documents. AcePDF stands out for its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, allowing you to extract text from scanned documents and make them editable. The software also offers batch processing, which enables you to perform actions on multiple PDF files simultaneously, enhancing your efficiency.

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